Q&A with Sarah Diesing

[Sarah attended Harding University Florence fall 2016]

HUintl: What made you decide to go to HUF?

Sarah: When I first visited Harding, I saw the picture in the Heritage of the Florence skyline from Piazzale Michelangelo. I talked with my advisor, the International programs office and past HUF students. Little by little, coming to Florence went from a dream to a reality. Italy is packed with art, food, history, and culture. There’s too much! HUF takes us to more places in Italy than most Italians see in a lifetime.

HUintl: What was it like living in Florence (or so close to Florence)?

Sarah: At HUF, we had two homes. The first was the villa in Scandicci. Every morning when I looked outside my window, I looked out on a Tuscan masterpiece. Our second home was the city of Florence. Here we explored world renowned galleries and palaces, which held art to rival the beauty of the country.

HUintl: Did one or more of the classes you took this semester help you connect to the culture? If so, how?

Sarah: Communications class challenged me to study the culture around me. The universal concepts that we learned helped us to better understand our new Italian friends. We could immediately make connections between the concept and the application. This unique opportunity made class exciting, even after a night train.

HUintl: What is your mindset now that you have studied abroad?

Sarah: Study abroad has opened up the world to me! It’s taught me how to reach out and meet people, regardless of their culture. If I was willing to show kindness, I would be given it in return. This was true whether I was in Rome, Paris, Vienna… all across Europe.


For more information about HUF visit our website: www.harding.edu/international


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