Student Note – Grace Nickols

[Grace is currently attending HUF]

Traveling to Italy for a semester abroad has already been one of the best experiences of my life. Walking around the streets of Florence, eating gelato and finding dreamy photo opportunities have filled my days.

One of the best, and definitely the most interesting, memories I’ve made on the trip so far has been “English for Pasta.” Every semester, local families open up their home and invite students over to eat a traditional Italian meal. Going into the evening I thought I would be able to easily converse with my family, but when I quickly learned that my family didn’t speak any English, I knew I was in for an interesting night. After a wonderful dinner, and a whole lot of smiling combined with “I don’t understand, we sat down for a round of board games. You might not always understand one another, but a riveting game of Italian Clue can bring people together better than words. By the end of the night everyone was laughing and having a good time. I could tell the family genuinely wanted to get to know us, even though the language barrier made it hard. I’ll never forget the kindness that a family of complete strangers showed me and how we might be different, but working to find our common interests created a memory I will never forget.

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